Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is it done yet??

The new Frog Princess dress is still in progress.

Through various circumstances, clients needing to get measurements from actresses and my own personal life throwing me curve balls the dress I'm anxiously waiting to see completed is still alluding me.

The first dress to be completed is about 70% there. I did want it to be done for today but this is the first time I'm making it and I'm still figuring things out and I want it to be great!

It will be done next Tuesday and the second one will be done the week after that!

Check back for pictures - it's going to be great!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Arabian Princess

This makes Arabian Princess #3 and if I ever do another it won't have trim just like this one! The trim I used on the top is vintage and this was the last piece I had of it which was miraculously the exact right length. The sleeves are pinned to the sides of the dress form they aren't really attached there.

I was very happy with the way the beading turned out on the belt. I couldn't find enough beads in one variety to make the entire thing so I mixed and matched and really like the look it gives.

The sleeve isn't broken in the above picture I'm just trying to show how far off the outfit it will come. It is attached with trim.

My next project is the new Frog Princess and I'm very excited to get working on her!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Green Fairy

Another Green Fairy, this one is headed to Texas.

The customer also requested little green shorts to go underneath to keep her covered when playing at the parties.

They weren't as problematic as I feared they would be.