Thursday, May 20, 2010

The School Play

While I quit my day job there were some commitments I kept.
Like the school play and a few summer theater projects.

Tonight was the last show and I finally got some pictures! Somehow even though I told Beast to come find me in costume he didn't so I will have to hope someone else got a picture of him.

The Enchantress, she needs something else to make her pop, I need to figure out what.

Cogsworth & Lumiere, he really doesn't wear flip flops. Babette.

Cogsworth, Lumiere & Babette - human again!

Mrs. Potts & Chip

Madame De La Grande Bouche

I was totally happy with how my table settings turned out!

Fork, napkin, plate, spoon & knife - did I get them in the right order?

Plate detail

I made the stencil for the table settings, I couldn't find anything I liked. Lucky for me someone told me how to do it!

The villagers were asked to bring in parts of their costumes. The girls were assigned skirts & shirts. I borrowed some shirts and skirts from a local performing arts school. It was a lifesaver as some of the parents didn't understand the notes sent home the way I hoped they would. I made the corsets with help from a friend and the vests were both purchased and made. The picture below is a borrowed shirt & skirt as well as a girl whose parents could read and brought in a great outfit. The things brought in were altered to be closer to the time period we were going for.

The boys were asked to bring in long sleeved button down shirts and pants that I cut off and put elastic in. Some were left long to mix it up.

Gaston & the Silly Girls. We found his boot covers on ebay. I made his shirt and the girls' tops. He was very convinced that I had made his shirt way to small and too short! I tried to explain to him that actually I had made it to fit him unlike the shirts he usually wears that could probably fit me, no joke. Even today when he handed it in for the last time he let me know it really is a bit small. :)

Gaston making a deal with Monsieur Darque - Kill the Beast!

Narrator 3 & 4. All of the Narrators had a piece of their outfits that matched.
You can see a little bit of Belle, all of Belle's costumes were made by her Grandma.

These costumes will probably be for rent with Huntsman Entertainment.