Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The last 3 weeks in reveiw.

This Rapunzel went out today. It was designed closer to the movie dress so I changed the patterned part to just as a panel as opposed to a whole under skirt. The pink stripes on the sleeves are thinner and the lace is on the slip instead of on the actual skirt (which I think is really super cute)
This was last week's Rapunzel. It was a pretty straight forward dress but it took a back seat to my life for a few days. It only went out a day late and I always appreciate when client's are understanding about my circumstances.

The Arabian Princess went out 2 weeks ago, it's been busy at my house! I'm still looking around for a fancier fabric to use on this outfit. I'm hoping to find a sequined lace overlay that will work. This Arabian Princess was designed to sit high on the waist to cover the belly button.