Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mermaid & Wendy

 Another sweet mermaid, headed off to New York. 
I hope it's recipient as well as everyone else in New York and New Jersey are doing well after the storm.
 The client asked for "sleeves", she is a more mature Princess and likes some upper arm coverage.
A year ago this client asked if I could make shoes to match the fin. I said no. Then I found Pinterest, and a tutorial on how to ModPodge fabric to shoes. Outdoor ModPodge makes the shoes suitable for use in various conditions but I wouldn't recommend wearing them in lots of rain or snow. So now the answer is yes! I can make shoes to match the mermaid fin, or any other dress for that matter.

This little Darling gets more inquiries than any other dress. 
The dress will be seen on a high school stage in West Virginia in a production of Peter Pan.