Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Princess Beauty

Another version of the Princess Beauty dress is headed to New York tomorrow. The client asked that my yellow version be tweaked to more closely resemble her particular vision. Once it was "done" She had the choice of the big buttons or roses, she chose a combination of the two.

Also upon viewing the pictures she asked that the neckline be slightly different so I changed that as well.

The combination of buttons and roses looks great and it was fun to make yet another version of this dress. This has been my favorite princess since I was 13 and I think this version of the dress is fabulous!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ren Faire for Kids

A friend of mine lives in the Washington DC area. She takes her kids to the Ren Faire every year and I've been itching to make them something to wear for years! She finally decided this year that the cost would be worth it and ordered 2 Robin Hood outfits and one Beautiful Maiden. My fresh from the shower kids are modeling the outfits here but once I get pictures of the actual recipients I will replace the pictures.

The dress was made in 2 pieces. The under skirt snaps on to the bodice/ over skirt so I can remake the under skirt longer for next year. The back also has a separating zipper so an insert can be added in the future. The flowers are removable for washing purposes.
Nothing completes an outfit like accessories!
My 6 yr old was WAY excited to be modeling the Robin Hood outfits, the pants are so short because the actual wearers are 2 1/2, she's kind of tiny.