Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OOTI or What I did on My Summer Vacation

Alrighty! Here it is! Some pictures of what I have been up to since I got back from my vacation to Washington in June, what I've been mentioning in facebook status updates and the project my cute kiddos have been living without a kitchen table for (they really didn't mind).

The costumes were designed by Steve Huntsman (also the director).

The constuction was a collaboration between Sandra Huntsman and myself. I did the most on Asaka and the least on Armand but I sewed (even just a tiny bit) on every single costume. :) All of the distressing was done by Steve and Sandra.


Lil TiMoune

Ton Ton & Daniel (who does wear a red sash earlier in the show)


Taka (Armand's Mistress)
Mama Euralie & Ton Ton
Mama, TiMoune in her ball Gown

Taka, Armand, Agwe
Papa Ge, Agwe, Armand, Taka

Erzulie (who forgot to put her green over skirt back on) & Mama

Andrea, Lil TiMoune, Asaka

TiMoune & Daniel

I had a lot of fun with this project and as an added bonus because they are peasants and the costumes were being distressed I didn't have to hem anything!

The costumes can be seen live at Spring Mountain Ranch Wed - Sat until Aug 29th.