Monday, May 12, 2008

Pirate Captain

This one was a doozie! When it was ordered I thought I did my homework to get the quote together. As the project got started I spent the average amount of money on fabrics and notions and then I got started on the jacket. And the cost went through the roof!

The customer who ordered it first got a great deal and unfortunately she "ruined" it for the rest of you because the price just went up! I made all the parts of this outfit except the pants in the past so it wasn't a labor issue it was a materials cost issue. I forgot to add in the cost of buttons ($50) and the jacket fabric was twice what I estimated.

Here is the finished product in all it's many variations. It was fun to make a guy costume again and I really like how it turned out!


Karen Valinda said...

After I posted on your site I realized this site would answer my question... it IS a "party" one.

Totally awesome, You do good work!

The Lowes said...

that's really nice, i love it! i'm sure shannon will too!