Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little Lady Lorelai

This week over on Project Run and Play it's movie week! I chose to be inspired by Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Mansfield Park... well you get the idea.

I was not a Jane Austen fan until I was an adult. As a teenager I was scared away from the movies with the 9 hour mini series of Pride and Prejudice, who had time to watch all that? I did watch A Town Like Alice, it was only 5 hours.  I also didn't read her books, I was much more a good sci-fi/modern novel kind of kid. 

Once I was older and BBC started making new movies, I was in love. The clothes, the parties, the fancy (if somewhat odd) foods, the gossip. Yes, please! I also took the time to read her books, they weren't the boring, snoozefest I had always imagined them to be. Maybe I shouldn't have judged that book by the cover?

I started my dress with a piece of fabric I'd had in my stash since Peter Pan, this is the last piece of Wendy Darling's nightgown and there was just barely enough! It's a crinkly muslin that is light, airy and soft. Perfect for this dress.
I used Janey's Dress from Olabelhe as my jumping off point. I sized it way down to fit Jack-Jack and added the extra details to the skirt. 

Front and back,I loved the cute buttons with loops. It gives it a vintage feel.
 Pintucks and a lace pieced hem, certainly a learning experience.
I added lace trimmed bloomers too, easier to run and play in. This will be another church dress for Jack-Jack. I just wouldn't let her wear it until I got pictures!
I'd like to think that the little Darcy or Ferrars girls would have run around in something like this, because you know with moms like theirs, they would have been allowed a bit of fun!
Check out the other at home creations over at Project Run and Play as well as vote for your favorite contestant. My favorite? The Moulin Rouge look by Paisley Roots.


Paisley Roots said...

That dress is just stunning! I can't wait to see it on!

Deborah Devine said...

Beautiful dress with so many lace details. What a work of art.

Joy Candrian said...

Gorgeous, beautiful, & amazing work on your dress.

Emily Thompson said...

wow, another stunning dress!!! The white is lovely! If it wasn't so hard to keep a little one clean I would go all white all the time, because I love the look ;o)I also sewed along and linked up… a {movie} star dress ;o) EMily@nap-timecreations.com

Magda E. said...

so delicate... love it.

Kirsi said...

So cute! And pretty!