Monday, January 13, 2014

Snowflake in the Desert

My friend Crystal over at Ginger Dimples figured I was wasting several hours a day sleeping so she talked up this home sewing knock off of Project Runway, Project Run and Play. Basically they have people with blogs compete to make outfits that fit a certain criteria. The home sewists get weeks instead of hours to make their looks but it's all in good fun. I am not an official competitor, I am simply participating for fun.

The first week's theme is Winter Wonderland. In the Mojave desert we have to make our own winter magic as the weather rarely ever cooperates in that department.

I really wanted to use the McCalls 5742, despite owning multiple copies of it and two in the right size I could only locate the wrong size pattern, even though I have the envelope for the right size. I ended up altering the McCalls 5793 to look like the other.

I've had this fabric in my stash for nearly 3 years just waiting for the perfect project, and this was it!
I added gems to the fabric to give it sparkle.
She wore it to church and hated every one telling her how pretty she is, she'd rather just play in the dirt!
Someone at church had mentioned a while back that poor Jack-Jack didn't have any hand made dresses like the other 3, well now she does!


Paisley Roots said...

I am just amazed at your talent Valinda! That dress is stunning!

Joy Candrian said...

Very pretty, I for one am wishing that I lived where it is warmer. The dress is very pretty.

Annie said...

Your dress is so lovely!

crys0904 said...

You know I love it! It's even prettier in person =)

Vonnie said...

Oh Valinda!! SO sweet and beautiful! And she's getting so big!

marnae said...

Just wait a few years and she'll be beaming at the"your so pretty comments":) Nice work...and it looks like you make fantastic costumes!

Shaffer Sisters said...

I love that fabric and I am glad you chose to sew along. I know all about wanting to play in the dirt. We had to wash our sew-along outfit three times before the photo shoot :) Great job with the dress!
with love,

Emily Thompson said...

wow! Amazing! This is my first time on your site...truly beautiful sewing! I also linked up to Project Run and Play... a bathrobe I made for my son!