Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Even though the movie doesn't come out until tomorrow I've already received an order for this adventurous princess!

A full circle double layered skirt and a bodice that laces up the front.
The skirt has a stable waist band that can have multiple hook and eye. The front half is double layered with the under skirt being 2 layers of fabric as well. The split in the skirt is trimmed in sweet sparkly flower trim. This skirt is shown over a slip that can be added for $20. The whole skirt can be 2 layers and alternate trim can be used at an additional cost.

The front of the bodice is double layered and connects into the main piece at the shoulders. The laces really work on the front and the whole top is trimmed in lace and piping. The pink and lavender sparkly sleeves are pieced together and have a lower sleeve of sheer trimmed in matching lace.

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