Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Staying busy - Shhhh it's a surprise!

 My middle daughter is getting an 18 inch doll for Christmas that looks like her. She has wanted one for years and I finally caved in. She went looking on etsy for clothes, she doesn't know for sure she's getting it she's just hoping lots and lots! The dresses she liked are $30 - $40 and after the cost of the doll I just couldn't do it, especially since I can sew. I swore off sewing doll clothes years ago but I had to get over that if I wanted to save some major money! This same daughter of mine has decided when she gets married everyone will wear a different rainbow color and she will wear white and be the cloud at the end. I took that idea and turned it into her doll's new wardrobe. The dresses are pictured on my 18 inch doll, and all of them together cost me $30!
Red is a velvet drop waist dress trimmed in sparkly gold.
Since we live in the desert I thought a sun dress would be perfect for orange, including bloomers.
Yellow is a flannel nightgown with (yellow) rosebuds on it.
Green is a mermaid dress, Ariel is her favorite Princess.
Blue (her favorite color) is a snowflake dress and furry fleece pale blue jacket.
Purple is lavender metallic paisley. 
Sheer embroidered overlay on satin.


Karen Valinda said...

Lindy! These are SO beautiful!! Does the maternal grammy at her wedding get to wear Blue???
You have outdone yourself, I am amazed and JR will be too ;-}
Congratulations on winning Christmas present mother of the year xoxoxox
wv:wathedoo, I'd be looking at Marshmellow...

Linda said...

Wow!Those are amazing and I know that Lindsay will be so happy! :-)

Hillary said...

Love love love love them! She will absolutely think she is the luckiest girl in the entire universe. And she is.