Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Princess Beauty with some extra pop!

This little Beauty is a new color. I was a tad bit nervous trying out a new color but I really liked the way it turned out. The client also liked how it turned out - Whew!
She asked it be like the "new design" but full enough to fit over a 5 hoop. I added 2 extra panels and it is pictures here over both of my 3 hoop crinolines in an attempt to show the added fullness. She also requested the shoulder swag be more like another off the shoulder dress I did.

The top was cute but we both thought it needed something.
The Princess asked for gems to be added. That idea had crossed my mind too so I added them and the little bit of bling does great things, even if my camera didn't.


Karen Valinda said...

Very nice! the bling isn't in the first two shots, is it? the new color IS a departure but looks good.

Estell said...

gahhh I've been wanting a 'belle' dress for my wedding whenever the crap I get married...Its so gorgeous lol