Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fin Mermaid

A while back I revamped my Mermaid skirt design, at the request of a client, and it is looks really great. For this project I decided to tackle the shell bra. It has been said in the past that the top looked like a sparkly tube top, and it really kind of did. I did some trial and error and I like how it turned out. It has some dimension to it and that is way better than before!
This is another outfit where the client supplied the fabric, this time just for the tail portion. I used to be able to get sequined stretch from my favorite independent fabric store but she can't get the right color anymore.


Karen Valinda said...

I love it!!! the shells are very nice and way better(realistic) than I would have imagined they could be made to be. Great work there! xoxoxox

Candace said...

Holy Cow!!! You are flippin amazzzzzzing!!!! Wow. I'm speechless.