Monday, March 14, 2011

Repurposing special memories

I had the (sweaty palm, nerve wracking) opportunity to take apart a wedding dress and remake it in a smaller size for my project this week.

I dismantled mine years ago to remake it into a baptism dress for my girls. I also made a blessing and baptism dress for my niece out of my sister in law's wedding dress. Those dresses were "scary" to take apart because that isn't fabric I can replace, but this dress was even more scary to dismantle because I'm not related to the original owner so she doesn't have to like me and her grandmother made her dress. YIKES!!


I already used part of the dress to make a blessing outfit a few years. That was also pretty scary. 

This time I used the rest of the dress and made a mini version. I had to make the front of the bodice out of new fabric, and I put in a new zipper but everything else is part of the original dress. Doesn't she look too precious?

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Karen Valinda said...

I am sure her grandmother approves, !beautiful job! - just look at that sweet happy face!